About Us

EVERPRO Company Limited is a top provider of industrial products, systems and services related to Instrumentation, Measurement, Safety, Electrical, Automation and Communication Systems. We liaise with our customers to provide solutions that work through provision of quality products, value added services and technical solutions, based on customer requirements. We focus our products and services delivery to industries such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, Food and Beverage, Marine, Construction and Other industries that require a reliable partner for cost effective operation Our professional relationships are built and maintained by involving senior personnel in all aspects of a project from the primary development to design and implementation. .

Our Mission

"We exist to make human life safe and better by providing systems of world-class integrity and precision"

Our Vision

"To be our client's partner in providing systems of world-class integrity and precision"

EVERPRO Project Execution and Management Culture

EVERPRO Automation has developed a range of well-established culture used during any of our project execution to deliver a top quality, efficient and effective project in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certification. We shall therefore deploy this culture in providing a top quality Instrument calibration services to Clients with our highly experienced and trained Engineers.

QA/QC Commitment And Management

At EVERPRO, we are committed to the provision of quality products and services, which will both, meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. This is to promote customers’ confidence in our ability to consistently deliver specified quality products and services at all times. We strive for excellence and in doing so, seek to continually review and improve our established quality system in line with the ISO 9001 on quality. Thus the attainment of our quality objectives requires the training, involvement, commitment, and active participation of all our personnel, implementing quality control management on all our projects.

HSE Commitment

The management of Everpro Limited is committed to the safety of our employees and our customers in all projects and services that we render. This is evident in the importance placed on cascading information on HSE related issues to staff and provision of resources and enforcement of use of PPE. The CEO signs the HSE and related policies. On the spot checks of projects are carried out by the Project Manager who immediately orders the stoppage of activities which are in variance with laid down policies and procedures. Such incidents are reported and reviewed at HSE meetings.

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